Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

At the Airport

Going downstairs to check out just at Noon, I found the GOH Liaison. After checking out and printing my boarding passes for my flight this afternoon, I asked her if any other guests were left on site but me. She said that Toni Weisskopf was going out in about fifteen minutes, at which point I realized she was sitting nearby with her luggage. I suggested that, if it wasn't any extra bother, I could ride to the airport with her. Sure, it's three hours early, but I didn't have anything else to do and the wi-fi is free at the airport and I've got things with which to amuse myself. She said that would be great, particularly because once I was gone, her job as GOH Liaison was done and she could go home herself.

I said, "Oh, you don't have to wait on me; I can take care of myself." She said that she knew that, but it was her job. I could understand that motivation.

She called the limo company and made the necessary changes, and we sat with Toni until the car came for us for the short drive over to CMH. Although my 4:45 flight today will be full, at this hour there's nothing going on here on the Delta C concourse. As this isn't a hub airport, there's no "bank" of flights coming and going. I assume it will get much busier as departure time for the various afternoon flights approaches.

There are certain advantages to such early arrivals. There were only two people in the queue ahead of me at Terrorization. I had my pick of places to sit. Unfortunately, most of the places where there are seats have no outlets, and most of the places where there are power outlets have no seats, except for an area labeled "Wai-Fai Beach," where there's a surfboard with power outlets and chairs. That's where I set up shop. I have two Super 14 Rugby matches to watch, books to read, and so forth, so it should be a pretty restful afternoon.

I have a long layover at SLC, but there are no quicker alternatives back to the Bay Area today, so I'm settling in for the long wait.

It's been a very nice weekend, and the folks from MARCon made me feel very welcome indeed. I'm glad I was able to add my bit to the proceedings and that they considered me worth their investment in resources.
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