Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Closer

Lisa called me several times today reporting her incremental progress. Here's an approximate map (approximate because I didn't include all of the small diversions along the way) as of a couple of hours ago. It hasn't been a great day on the road. Besides many things I won't report, while stopped at a rest area, a passing car kicked up a rock right into the windshield, leaving a nice star right in her line of sight. That's very distracting. And the last tape in the book-on-tape she bought is defective to boot.

As of this last report, Lisa thinks if she pushes hard, she may make it back to Mehama during the wee hours of this coming morning. I'll know more tomorrow.

Update, 21:15: Updated the map as Lisa called with an update from La Grande, Oregon shortly after I posted the original message.
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