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We Have a Winner

After returning to the tournament after helping Lisa get going, the seven people I'd left behind had shrunk to four, and shortly three, putting us "in the money." Then Jack Hennegan was eliminated for third, and we were "heads-up." And at that point we went a good 30 minutes with the heads up players going back and forth.

Because we'd started late, we were running later than we thought. Meanwhile, two cash games had started on the other tables in the room. Patty Wells came and told me that the nice houseman from the hotel couldn't go home until we let him reset the room, and thus could we please vacate by 2 AM? (And meanwhile she needed to get some sleep.) I informed the cash games of this and they all cashed out, and our final heads-up players moved into the hall and we moved to the lofty heights of 2000-4000 blinds (remember that we started at 10-20), pretty much putting someone all-in for every hand. I think we must have gone eight or ten consecutive all-in hands, with some improbable and come-from-behind saves, before Mark Linneman finally won, taking the $54 first place.

Although I would have been happier if we started earlier, I think it was a pretty successful evening, and I think everyone participating had a good time. The cash-game players seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. This was fun, even if I didn't win any money.

It is, however, very late, and I'm pretty tired, so I should probably get some sleep. I'm sure it shows in the number of typos I've committed. I'm glad I don't have to check out tomorrow morning.
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