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At the Convention

I talked yesterday about our walk down the Promenade at Seaside yesterday. This evening, I went to the Gmaps pedometer tool to see how far it was.

This morning, we got over to the Sea-Pac convention at 11 AM. Slugabeds, we were. You're supposed to be there at 9 AM when the doors open, and everything dies down by 4 PM. Most of the activity is the swap meet and dealers. Our first stop was at Western Case Company to try and find a different holster for my mobile phone -- one that (a) wouldn't let it keep popping out and (b) wouldn't keep hitting the volume and voice-dial-activate buttons on the sides of the phone. I think the holster will meet the first, but it seems impossible to get anything that will manage the second. Basically, I'm too fat, and whenever I bend or sit, I end up putting pressure on the phone.

My phone case being dealt with, it was time for Lisa's serious radio and gadget shopping. A couple of hours later, we had a bag full of stuff, and we'd spent around another $100 or so, which is relatively lightweight for Lisa, but she forgot to stop at a WaMu ATM on the way here (and there are none around here) and I didn't have much more cash on me anyway.

Sea-Pac has program items, but there was nothing that caught Lisa's fancy. We hung around through the large prize drawings at 2:30, but then it was time to, more or less, have some vacation.

We went to lunch at The Happy Clam, which is right next to our hotel. Then we had a couple of walking errands that involved a trip to a nearby drugstore and to the Bank of America -- we had a check that needed depositing. Errands done, we walked down Broadway and shopped and poked into whatever caught our fancy. In one shop we found a Hawaiian shirt and Lisa said I should buy, partially because it really is Hawaiian (not Chinese). We looked for a new floppy hat for Lisa. (The one she bought at the run-down amusement park in Osaka has gotten lost. We couldn't find anything even close to suiting her that wasn't Chinese-made.) We didn't buy a whole lot of stuff, but we did enjoy the walk.

The prize find was Zingers' Ice Cream, which we seem to have missed from all of our previous visits. I suggested Lisa go in here because I know she likes ice cream that isn't loaded down with fillers and such, but didn't expect anything I could have until I saw that they had some no-sugar added and diabetic-suitable ice cream, including what I did get -- a yummy cinnamon. We both enjoyed our ice cream immensely, but then we figured we should go walking in order to pay for it.

For variety, this time we walked up to the north end of the Prom, down to the beach, and back up to Broadway along the tide line. We toyed with doing a round of miniature golf at Ten Tiny Tees, but just as we were thinking of going in for a round, several large groups of people entered ahead of us. They looked slow, and we hate being behind slow players, so we instead walked back down Broadway, around the Seaside Candyman shop -- most of the other tenants in that building, including a restaurant where we ate last year, are now gone -- through the Carousel Mall, and back to the hotel.

After all of the standing on hard floors at the convention center and walking around Seaside, my feet hurt something terrible. We planned to go straight to the hot tub, but it was more Screaming Children Soup with a side of Large Suds. Advising the management of the bubble bath in the hot tub, we went back to the room to rest a bit. Maybe we'll try again later. The pool/tub area is labeled adults only after 10 PM.

I always find Sea-Pac tiring because I'm not good at standing around on hard floors at conventions. It reminds me why we buy the carpet for the dealer room aisles when we can possibly afford it at Worldcons. I amuse myself by thinking about how I'd fit a convention like a Westercon into the facilities. It would certainly be possible, for say 500-1000 people, except that Seaside is 100 miles from the nearest major airport (Portland) and thus difficult to get people to.
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