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Sailor Jupiter Support Squad

I spent a while this afternoon setting aside Fan Guest of Honor responsibilities and instead acting as the unseen-on-screen Sailor Jupiter Support Squad. What those who watched the anime series Sailor Moon didn't realize was that each of the sailor scouts must have had at least one support person traveling nearby in order to hold support equipment for the various magical girls. I learned this when Lisa built her Sailor Jupiter costume. The costume looks great, and she won a Hall Costume Award here at NASFiC for it, but has no place for pockets or storage of any sort, and also includes killer boots -- in multiple senses of the words. After a relatively short time, the high-heeled and narrow boots start attacking the wearer's feet, rendering the wearer powerless.

After about 30-40 minutes walking around the convention to great appreciation, Lisa, dressed as Sailor Jupiter, felt the shoes starting to expire, and I helped her back to the room. I left her alone for a while and spent an hour or so in the Con Suite (which also gave me a chance to get lunch.)

Now I'm off to the Awards Banquet, back in WSFS uniform on account of my good name having been cleared last night.

Update, 2005-09-16: Added link to photo of Lisa's costume in Hazel's Picture Gallery.
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