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Worldcon Bidding: Training the Trainer

Margene Baum, in her experience promoting the Kansas City Worldcon Bid, has experienced what most of us going through the process have -- most of the people you meet have no idea how the process works. She has developed a presentation called "Worldcon 101: Bidding" to teach people about the process. This morning, she did a "train the trainer" type of presentation, going through the PowerPoint presentation intended to be used when explaining the process to people with little or no background in Worldcons and bidding. Accordingly, the presentation is something that most of us here take for granted, but she's giving it so that we can nitpick and offer amplifications and corrections.

While discussing the various "levels" of bidding support, Kent Bloom made the good point that the levels somewhat mirror the different levels of support of a PBS station. This may make it easier to explain to someone who doesn't know us.

Near the end, the importance of every vote was emphasized. Ben Yalow reminded us that Seattle won the 2005 NASFiC by five votes, and that eight members of their opponent's committee (Charlotte) did not vote.

Margene has done a good job pulling all of the bits into a single presentation.
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