Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Why Is This Con Different...

I've been through this discussion so many times, I'm growing tired of doing so, so I'm asking y'all to take a crack at it: In this posting, and specifically this comment, we see the question "How is Worldcon different from other cons?" And the first reply is a somewhat (in my opinion) dismissive "it's more expensive and they give out the Hugo Awards."

That reply makes me so frustrated that I'm afraid to reply myself. If those are the only differences, then there's no point in holding Worldcon. Surely one of you can come up with a better answer than that?

The reasons why Worldcons cost more than other SF conventions are not relevant to this discussion. You have to think it terms of the person who has never attended a Worldcon, but has attended his/her local cons. Make the case for why you should spend three to five times more money for something that on the surface looks like the same thing.
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