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More Training the Trainer

Tom Whitmore has said, and I agree with him, that conrunners are awful at training. We do apprenticeship, and sometimes not even that very well. We say, "Here, carry this anvil for me, and walk off this diving board into the swimming pool. Hey! We even put some water in there so it will be a soft landing!" Later, if the person comes back up, we repeat the process. If they don't come back up again, we go look for someone else to carry the next anvil.

The intent was that the first part of the panel was to be Tom running his "Elevator Party Host" training. I've been through this a couple of times, and have done EPH duties myself, and was able to help out with the role-playing (both the troublesome cases and demonstrating some of the mechanics of keeping the elevator going smoothly). Others here who have done the job, like Patty Wells (who was one of the original crop of EPHs at the Atlanta Worldcon where they invented the EPH concept as a reaction to the overloaded elevators that (slowly) slid down into the basement without stopping), chipped in her anecdotes about helping invent a job that has never been done before.

This ended up taking 45 minutes -- probably more than originally intended -- which gave us less time to critique training or to discuss how to go about creating a training process. However, it got people thinking about the whole concept, and maybe that will be useful for the future.
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