Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Even More Timesink

Now I find that the pizza place down the street has a working copy of the Spider-Man pinball machine, and it's even closer than the Chubby Burger. I have spent several hours now working on that machine. I can't say I've completely beaten it, but I'm the top scorer and have my name in the machine for most of the things you can get on it. There are still challenges that have evaded me. Closing time at the pizza parlor has been the main barrier so far. Still, it's relatively cheap entertainment. $2 for three 3-ball games isn't a great bargain, but if you end up winning an average of two free games per three paid games, as I was doing, you end up with between two and three hours entertainment for $6. And a bit of exercise, too, although not as much as playing, say, Dance Dance Revolution.
Tags: pinball
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