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Worldcon Timeline Workshop

Heading out of the Training workshop to grab a quick bite from the Con Suite, I passed Deb Geisler, who said, "You and wireless are a menace, Mr. Write-Everything-You're-Doing-In-Your-LiveJournal."

I said, "Yep, you're right."

Postponed from earlier in the con, Elaine Brennan convened round 2 of the workshop on developing a new and improved timeline and project plan suitable for Worldcons selected two years in advance. This started last year, and we're now starting to refine the plans, see what we've missed, talk about what things need to move, etc.

I hope Elaine (*waves*) plans to publish the results of this in an easily accessible location. Maybe the newly-forming Conrunner Wiki?

A recurring theme in these discussion is that Communications is King. Most of the challenges are in communication. If I heard correctly, next year's SMOFcon is apparently going to focus on Communications.

Another issue is that there are a fair number of important or potentially-important jobs for which we have found few if any fans who can do the work. Example include commercial sponsorship and freebie solicitation/coordination. I've always thought that fandom over-produces computer programmers and technicians and under-produces sales and marketing. In fact, we over-produce people who actively and sometimes loudly and viciously dislike being marketed to. (Cue the story about the Interaction dealer who reacted furiously when we e-mailed the dealers to ask them if they wanted to buy a slide show ad in our major event load-in slide shows.)

To attend this workshop, I had to skip the "Town Meeting Workshop" in which effective meeting running was discussed. Fortunately, this was in the panel room where the discussions are being videotaped. I hope I can get a copy of that one.
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