Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

We Got Rid of That 9-Year Cycle A While Ago

In order to, I hope, try and pour cold water on a rumor before it spreads any further, I would like to assure anyone who cares that SFSFC is not bidding for a Worldcon at this time. And that "at this time" phrase doesn't conceal any dark plans of launching a sprint to the finish for 2011 or anything like that. It just means we won't rule out bidding someday for some year -- but not soon.

I don't think I'm giving away an important secret when I say that future Bay Area Worldcon plans do come up from time to time at our meetings. We're conrunners; smoffing comes as naturally as breathing -- maybe moreso right now with all of the smoke in the air in the Bay Area. But we are no longer locked into the "nine-year cycle" that the old three-zone system imposed upon us.

In sheer practical terms, fannish ethics and conflict-of-interest concerns would tend to preclude Worldcon bids for the near future. One SFSFC director is running 2011 Worldcon Site Selection, and another (me) is Chairman of the 2009 Worldcon Business Meeting with general oversight (not direct management control) of the WSFS functions for Anticipation. And I'm also a director of CanSMOF, Anticipation's parent non-profit corporation.

Besides, SFSFC has a lot on its plate coming up in the next couple of years, most notably running the 2009 World Fantasy Convention.

Edit, 17:00: Fixed time-traveling typo.
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