Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Guess I Can Go Home Now

Tonight was the first of two work sessions for me for Match Game SF. This was the relatively easy one, where I printed the banners (time-consuming but not difficult) and some of the behind-the-scenes paperwork for the game. I may have to redo it if conditions change, which they may. We don't actually have the entire panel finalized or a confirmed announcer, but I now know when we're "on the air"

Friday, July 4, 1 PM, Grand Ballroom A
Sunday, July 6, 1 PM, Grand Ballroom A

Our current plan is to play four rounds in each of the two games. Nothing has been scheduled after us, so we're allowed to go a little long if necessary, because we have enough time to clean up after each show. (Set-up for the first show is going to be a bit cramped because the Westercon Business Meeting is in the slot 90 minutes before the Friday show. I wish it were Saturday!)

I continue to look for more sponsors to donate prizes. If you happen to be reading this and want to donate a prize in return for a commercial and other promotional consideration, please let me know. I do like being able to give contestants some prize, even if it's a small one like a $10 gift certificate from one of the dealers. One nice thing about donating prizes is that there is a decent chance of you getting the promotional opportunity without having to actually deliver the prize.

If we end up with fewer than eight prizes in inventory, I have a backup plan that will work assuming at least two contestants do not win the Bonus Round. Details if we get there.

The really hard part is still to come: getting the question packs together. I have some new questions in inventory, but not 36 of them, so I need to try and figure out what questions I can reuse or dredge from the history without boring either our panel or the audience.
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