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Awards Banquet

This evening I had a front-row seat at the Heinlein Society Banquet & Awards Ceremony. After presentations of the Golden Duck Awards and the Seiun Awards and the announcement of the Endeavour Award nominees, they presented the Heinlein Award to Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven.

The banquet food -- salmon with wild rice -- was surprisingly good for such an affair, although it didn't sit well with Lisa. The event organization was a bit rough around the edges, with the doors opening a bit later than scheduled and some visible technical glitches in the video presentation; however, things did not go on interminably, and afterward we had time to stop by most of the major parties. However, now I really need to get some sleep so I can be up early enough to have breakfast and be available for my promised "docent tour," of the FGOH Exhibit, assuming anyone turns up for it.

Wearing my WSFS uniform around certainly attracts attention. People all over were either asking me how the Inquiry went or were discussing the results. It's very flattering.

CascadiaCon, SFSFC, and the many individuals who have participated this weekend have made me feel very honored indeed.
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