Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Panelists are _____

There are going to be two shows of Match Game SF at Westercon, at 1 PM Friday, July 4 and 1 PM Sunday, July 6, both in Grand Ballroom A. Because of certain schedule commitments, Chris Garcia will be in the second show but not the first. Some of the panelists probably won't appear in the printed program due to late finalization of schedules. So, baring futher developments, the panelist list is, in the order they should be sitting:

Tom Galloway
Kevin Roche
Andy Trembley

Lynn Gold
Jason Schachat (Friday only) / Chris Garcia (Sunday only)
Leigh Ann Hildebrand

We're still up in the air about who will fill seat 5 on Friday. So far, the candidates either aren't going to attend Westercon or have a schedule conflict. Update, 14:00 Friday: Jason Schachat has agreed to join us for Friday's show.

And it's going to be a little dicey doing the Business Meeting (I was reminded that I agreed to be Secretary) when the BM is in the 11:30 AM programming slot just before our 1 PM show. But BM Chair Ed Green has tentatively agreed to be our show announcer, so he and I are in the same boat.

Tonight I will be busy trying to pull together 8 sets of four questions (plus allowance for ties, sudden death, and the bonus round). More than likely we'll be obliged to use some questions from previous shows.
Tags: match game, westercon
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