Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Train to the Game

Thanks to melchar and gil_liant, who went in on the ticket purchase with me and will give me a ride home, I can take a Capitol train up to Coliseum rather than having to drive over to BART. And because I happen to have four unused tickets between Centerville and Coliseum, I'm not out of pocket any further money to get up there tonight.

I do have the choice between going a little too early (the 4:49 train from Centerville) and a little later than I would like (arriving Coliseum only about ten minutes before first pitch). I'm choosing early, so I'll end up seeing a lot of batting practice, but that's okay.

There were lots of A's fans in the stands at AT&T park Emperor Norton Field when the A's came to play the Giants. I hope to see lots of orange and black in the stands at the Oakland Coliseum tonight. Let's make this an "Orange Friday" field trip!
Tags: baseball

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