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Much of this weekend has been taken up with testing and filling in details of the Westercon San Jose in 2011 bid web site. While SFSFC had made the "go" decision about ten days ago, we didn't want to officially announce the bid until we had a web site in place and a way to accept memberships by PayPal. Of course, it's nearly impossible to keep such a secret among a group of eleven people, and things began to leak out, sometimes getting a tad distorted in the process. (This was one reason I firmly denied bidding for a Worldcon a few days ago.) We thought it important to get the word out this week, no later than Monday, before this year's Westercon, as we're planning the official kick-off party there.

Cheryl did what I consider the heavy lifting, by setting up the WordPress site and formatting it. I provided some of the content and did a lot of testing. Thank goodness for Skype! Cheryl and I were able to spend an hour on the phone today and yesterday working through the site issues and it didn't cost us anything. Anyway, late this afternoon we finally got to a point where Cheryl and I were happy enough with how the site stood. Chairman Glenn Glazer had already told us we could fire when ready. With mild trepidation, I hit "send" on the press release and started posting it to likely LJ communities. There must not have been a glaring error, on account of if there had been, we would have heard about it within about ten minutes as everyone in fandom would have seen it and started talking about it.

With the bid launched, I turned back to work for Match Game SF, and specifically hammering the material I've received into commercial copy. This is not my specialty at all. I can read copy just fine, but I hate writing it. Still, it looks like we have enough material now, with some pretty nice prizes with values of up to $80.

In early evening, I decided that I'd spent enough of the day hunched over my computer and went down to Shaker's Pizza to tackle that pinball machine again. I was one target away from getting to the final battle sequence. Rats! Still, it got me out of the house for a while. I've felt bad about not getting out for walks on account of bad air quality. I guess things should start improving soon. It looked better this evening.

I'm partially packed for the trip to Las Vegas already. I'd pack more, but I don't want my suit to get too wrinkled in my luggage. On the other hand, as I'm driving, I guess I could pack it in my suit carrier instead of my regular luggage. Whenever I drive, I'm always tempted to travel too heavy.

And I even found time this weekend to watch one of the anime disks I bought at Marcon, Cosplay Complex. This is a very silly 3-episode OVA about the East Oizumi Academy Cosplay Club and their attempt to hone their cosplay skills to get to the Cosplay World Series. It can't be taken at all seriously, and in fact it looks more like it's 3 episodes that might like to be more, because it doesn't actually have a conclusion -- it just stops. I reckon it's really just an excuse for a whole lot of fan service and self-parody. Logic? Not much. I did get a kick out of the fourth-wall breaking, where at the start of the second episode, one of the characters complains that the newly-introduced character is nothing like the one who was teased in the "next episode" promo for the previous episode. I also enjoyed the catchy opening and closing title songs, but then, I'm way too easy to please.

For all that I got a lot done this weekend, I feel surprisingly lazy, but part of that is trying to save up strength for the trip to Westercon.
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