Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Breaking News: MGSF Invited to Worldcon

Last night, while frantically trying to get Match Game SF and Westercon bid stuff printed, I got e-mail from Denvention 3 programming with my schedule. I confirmed my schedule and let them know that I wasn't being critical when I told people we hadn't been invited to do MGSF. They pointed out to me that when I filled out my programming questionnaire, I hadn't even mentioned the prospect of doing the game show, and while it's a little late in the process, would I be willing to do a show on Friday night after the Masquerade, 10 PM. I said that I'm willing to give it a try.

So it appears that we're going to do one show of Match Game SF at Worldcon on Friday night, August 8, at 10 PM. Exactly who our panelists, staff, announcers, etc. will be depends on who among our "regulars" are coming to Worldcon and will be available to do the show. I expect to discuss this with people at Westercon.

Note to our sponsors: Where practical to do so, if your prize does not go in the twelve games we're playing at Las Vegas, I will roll it over to our show in Denver. If you do not want your prize to roll over to Denver, you need to let me know about it.
Tags: match game, westercon, worldcon

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