Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

So Far, So Good

We had a really good show this afternoon at Westercon. As usual, I stress out, but things come together. We decided that trying to use the ECM-51a microphone under the circumstances was just asking for trouble with tangled cables, so I used a wireless microphone, and Lisa decided that she just couldn't get this particular type of desk microphone to work in the way we'd need to use it (one mic for three people, each at different distances), so the panelists had no amplification. OTOH, the sound effects and music went very well.

We had maybe as many as fifty people -- I forgot to count -- and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. We played four games in about two hours (I'm glad we had extra slop time after). We even managed to give away one of the prizes.

I see that there were other people recording video. Maybe I'll get to see those sometime. Meanwhile, here are some still pictures.

Here's announcer Ed Green, Producer Bob Hole, and Kuma Bear on sound (Lisa, who did most of the sound work during the show, was taking the photo) during a part of the show where the crew had nothing to do -- which wasn't often, as they worked very hard to make the magic happen.

Me putting a question to the panelists and contestants.

Our Friday afternoon panel was Tom Galloway, Kevin Roche, Andy Trembley, Lynn Gold, Jason Schachat, and Leigh Ann Hildebrand.

Now I have to start getting myself together for tonight's "After Dark" show, which will probably start late and run late, but that's okay if everyone's having a good time. It helps a lot that we can leave the stage set mostly in place and don't have to tear everything down after every show.
Tags: match game, westercon

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