Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SF in SF

Tonight I did something unusual for me -- I went up to the SF in SF reading without Cheryl's prompting, in the main because jaylake was attending along with Susan Palwick. I got there early to stake out one of the comfy chairs in the back of the room, and shortly after things got under way, I spotted a familiar form settle in to the row ahead of me -- my friend Raven, who most of you who frequent Bay Area conventions probably know. I went and said hello to her at the break. She said she comes to these readings now and then, as do I; obviously, this was the first time we both showed up at the same one.

The usual post-reading-and-discussion dinner outing not being on this time, Raven and I went off and had a late small dinner at Max's on Geary Street. We regaled each other with our mutual travel tales -- hers more interesting than mine, I think. After dinner, I walked her back to her apartment (with me doing ice-breaker duty to make our way through the massive queue waiting to get into the nightclub up the street) before having to beat feet back down the hill in order to catch a BART train home. As it happens, I made it with two trains to spare, but made the train I did catch by only two minutes. It did mean I made it home before 1 AM, for which I'm happy.
Tags: sf in sf

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