Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Screw Loose

Staggering out of bed this morning in the hotel here in Lisle, I reached over and put on my glasses, whereupon I immediately felt the left lens fall out and land on my foot. Darn it, the screw has come loose. Shortly thereafter, the screw itself popped out of the frame, but fortunately I was able to find it by feeling around on the patterned carpet. Going through my briefcase and computer bag, I could not find my glasses repair kit. It has presumably gone away after a couple of changes of briefcases and bags.

This is annoying. I can survive without my glasses for a while, because the correction is relatively slight, but I do want to get it fixed. The very fact that I can compose this and read mail, albeit that I'm squinting slightly so my eyes will focus on the same spot. I wonder if the hotel's front desk has a little mini-screwdriver. And I must not lose the tiny screw!

Update, 11:50 AM: My co-worker drove me to the office. (I can legally drive without my glasses, but I don't like doing so.) One of our IT people had the necessary tiny screwdriver and I was able to reassemble my glasses. Hooray!
Tags: travel

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