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A Mystery Solved

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that what should have been a net poker loss ended up being accounted for as a win, and I couldn't remember why. This evening, I figured it out. In my hat as Chairman of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee, I'd spent $30 out of pocket to buy certified copies of two of the WSFS service marks for documentation uses by Nippon 2007. I gave these two copies and a letter from me explaining the structure of WSFS and confirming that N2007 has the rights to the 2007 Worldcon for Japanese authorities' benefit to Hiroke Inoue, chairman of Nippon 2007, and he reimbursed me the $30. I'd forgotten to account for that, so obviously my apparent $18 gain was actually a $12 loss. I've cleaned up my accounts, which makes me feel better. My cash account is rarely off by more than a few cents.

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