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I agreed to haul a mimeograph machine to Denvention Three. Unfortunately, the thing is (a) too heavy to put on other things and (b) shaped wrong for stacking things on top of it. However, it appears that U-Haul may have shipping boxes big enough to fit this thing. The box needs to be able to hold something 24 x 18 x 20 inches. Perhaps tomorrow I will go by on my way to work and pick up a large box. I can then wrap the mimeo in a large garbage bag, put it in the box, and fill the box with packing peanuts, of which I have many. This will allow me to pack stuff on top of it for the trip east and probably make it a bit easier to move around on the day. I'm told that I'm to just put it on my folding luggage cart (which fortunately is sufficiently heavy as to be able to handle such a load) and roll it in the front door on Wednesday morning and bring it to the appropriate exhibit space.

I also need to find a smaller box to safely package up a fragile-looking light box and to hold the last of the reams of Fibertone paper, as there was one odd ream left after filling the Xerox box I had on hand.

This is on top of the three boxes of Match Game material, the Ballot Box, and, oh yes, my and Lisa's own personal luggage, including things like my suit and WSFS uniform and her costumes, not to mention an electric ice chest we plan to bring so we can have cold things like milk with us

Ever since I let it be known that I was driving to Denver, people have started asking me to haul things for them. It has gotten to the point where I've been contemplating removing the middle passenger seats from my minivan (the rear seats have been in storage for years) in order to make more room. I've started telling people "no more room on the bus, sorry."

Edit/Update, 22 Jul 10:30: Corrected paper type after receiving private note about it. And the extra ream of Fibertone did fit into the bottom of the ballot box along with my WSFS hat, so that takes a couple of spare bits out of the way for transit.
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