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The Payoff for Flying Out Late

Lisa did in fact come back up for the final evening of SMOFCon, having recovered from what was making her feel sick last night, and was feeling well enough to join the poker game. However, luck wasn't particularly with either of us, and our $10 buy-in ($5 for each of us) left us with $2.10 when the night was over. Overall, I ended up spending about $25 on poker, but it was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow, my booked flight is not until 8 PM. There is a 2:35 PM flight however, and I think there is probably a good chance I can get on it if I get there in time. The good part about taking tomorrow off from work is that I don't have to get up early at all. I'll have to get out of the hotel by check-out time (noon), but that was about the time I should be heading off to the airport anyway.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that getting a decent night's sleep would not be a bad idea.
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