Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Chasing Panelists

It now looks like we'll have enough panelists to cover Match Game SF at Denver, including the fact that we expect to have people "tag out" for part of the show. jaylake said he'll be there for game 1 only, for instance. I've asked D3 Programming to add all of the panelists to their list of program participants, and they've said they'll do so, but the people have to have memberships, which at least one of the panelists does not appear to have yet.

I know that trinsf in particular has been a bit sensitive about being a panelist without being on Programming's participant list, and I therefore made a point of asking D3 Programming to add everyone who has agreed to be a panelist. Alas, due to the late nature of this coming together post-Westercon, it's likely that not everyone will end up in the printed program materials.

Questions have started coming in, for which I thank you all. It looks like we'll have a good selection for Denver. Now I need to write material for the newsletter. And I get to fret over whether the tech will be in place, while reminding myself that we can do this show at different levels of tech if the fancy stuff isn't there for fails to work.
Tags: match game, worldcon

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