Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Into the Lair of Boxes

I went casting around my office for empty boxes yesterday, in the hope I could find something in which to pack that mimeograph machine I agreed to transport to Denvention Three. One of our secretaries helpfully pointed me to the Box Room, which is a storage room that has a bunch of empty boxes in it. It's actually a storage room for supplies of various sorts, so you have to be careful that the box you take is actually empty.

I did not find a box that was actually big enough to hold the mimeograph, but I found the next-best thing, which was a box that would fit over the top of it and go as far as the handle. (The handle sticks out and effectively makes the machine four inches wider than it otherwise would be.) Putting the box over the machine means that it now has a flat top and I can pack lighter things on top of it. I also found a smaller box with some loose bubble wrap in it into which the light box that's among the equipment that goes with the machine fits nicely. I feel much better having that glass box cushioned in bubble wrap and packed securely in another box marked FRAGILE.
Tags: worldcon

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