Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One Cat Collected

The Worldcon mad dashing about continues. Cheryl's flight arrived about 5:20 PM. By experience, I know that if I leave my office about the time her flight lands, she'll probably be clearing customs and be ready to pick up by the time I get to SFO. However, I was running slightly late, and just as I was ready to go, David Clark arrived at my office. I had previously agreed to transport two boxes of his stuff to Denver for him, and he was there to transfer them while he was out doing other errands. While we were moving boxes, Cheryl called, but it went to voice mail. After Dave moved the boxes (I'm still not allowed to lift heavy stuff for a while), I called Cheryl back, and then headed off to SFO. Thanks to the slight delay, she had to wait for a short while at the curb, but not more than about ten minutes, and the good side of that is not having to pay for parking at the SFO garage.

We headed back to Fremont, unloaded her luggage, and ran out to get a small amount of groceries for her and dinner for both of us. (She'll be here a few days but won't have a car because I leave tomorrow morning, of course.)

Now I have more packing to do, including finalizing the Match Game SF materials and trying to get them to fit into fewer boxes.
Tags: cheryl, match game

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