Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Plans Surviving Contact...

Lisa called a little while ago to tell me that she was running badly behind schedule and probably won't be at my grandfather's house until after 6 PM tonight -- maybe even later. Fortunately, today and tomorrow are the days that had some of the most slack available, so I canceled the reservation in Reno and made one in Yuba City. That means tomorrow's drive to Wells will be longer, of course, but it's do-able. And we'll be able to have lunch at John's Oyster Bar in Reno, one of our favorite places, whereas even if we'd stayed on schedule today, we would have shown up in Reno about 15 minutes before closing, and I hate going to places just before they close because I always feel the staff are trying to shoo you out so they can go home.
Tags: lisa, travel

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