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Travels With Kuma

Lisa suggested that I put up some of the photos she has been taking.

Here I am with Kuma at the monument sign at the Bonneville rest area on I-80.

After taking photos and having a look from the observation platform, I updated our schedule, calculating how much we've fallen behind, while Kuma Bear waits for Lisa to stop taking pictures and come put him away.

We got off the freeway for a few more minutes when we came to the Saltair building. During one of Lisa's previous visits, water was so high that the building was sandbagged; today it's a hike down to the water.

As we passed through Salt Lake City, Lisa had the good idea of stopping at a grocery store, buying some lunchmeat, and using some of the bread we already had to make sandwiches for our main meal today. This was a good idea, but it was surprisingly difficult to find a store along I-80 in east Salt Lake City, so we lost close to another hour wandering around. We headed out to the east and stopped at the Echo Canyon rest area for sandwiches.

After eating, we climbed up a steep trail to an observation platform that looks out across the canyon to the railroad on the other side. Here Kuma sits with the railroad far beyond and below him. Of course there were only trains when the camera was put away.

And finally, here are a couple of photos of me and Kuma Bear; first of me and Kuma wishing a train would come along, and then of me watching Lisa take pictures of us.

Now I really must get some sleep. I'm wrung out, and we still have over 400 miles to go on Monday.
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