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Lurching to Life

The only way we could have gotten away by 10 AM today would have been if I had been up at 6 AM in order to deal with the inevitable e-mail swarm. But with not getting done with things until after 2 AM last night, I couldn't deal with that, and "slept in" until 7:30 AM.

This being a Holiday Inn rather than an Express, breakfast is not included; however, we brought disposable bowls and a box of cereal, and were able to keep milk cold in the room's mini-fridge. Yes, it means walking away from a half-finished half-gallon of milk, but that's still cheaper than buying the little bottles of milk in the gift shop.

We'll get going as soon as we can finish packing our stuff and getting it to the car. It seems comical just how much stuff we carry with us on these things, because we can.
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