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One Mimeograph Delivered

I drove to the loading dock that I'd seen while driving to the hotel yesterday, only to find that it was the wrong dock and that I had to drive around to the other side of the convention center. There, I was glad I hadn't come 30 seconds later, for a rental truck came in behind me and had he been in front of me, I would probably still be waiting for a dock slot. As directed, I backed into the dock space, called the person I'd been directed to call, and explained too the dockmaster that the heavy mimeo, the box of paper, the loose ream of paper, the light box, and the typewriter all go to Exhibits, while the box labeled "Site Selection" goes to Site Selection in the Fan Tables area. They said that they'd figure it out and I drove back to the hotel.

After getting back to the room (carrying what I hope are the last bits of kit we'll need during the con and that we won't have to drive anywhere again until Monday morning), I called Glenn Glazer to report the arrival of the mimeo. To my relief, it turned out he was standing with the gear at the mimeo exhibit as I spoke to him. The Site Selection box had not been accidentally dropped with the mimeograph, so I have some hope that it actually made it to Site Selection.

In a few minutes we'll go ahead and head over to the convention center and try to get our bearings. While the exhibits material was what had me the most fretful, I still have lots of things to do today, including Lisa and my panel on "Has the Internet Destroyed Ham Radio," a panel later today on "Introduction to the Business Meeting," the Opening Ceremony in which I have a bit part, and (later tonight, in the Sheraton) the Mark Protection Committee Meeting. I also have a stint sitting at the SJ 2011 Westercon bid table. I don't envy Glenn Glazer, who is facing some staffing shortages as some people we'd hope would be available have either had to cancel attending or have medical emergencies that are going to, at the very least, distract them.
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