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Running Around

The Amateur Radio was amazingly well attended for being 11:30 on the first day of the con -- it was program item #4. It went quite well, I thought, and Lisa seemed to enjoy herself.

We got the SJ2011 table set up and open and I did a shift. Lisa spelled me long enough for me to get a light lunch.

Hardly anyone turned up for the Introduction to the Business Meeting panel, which is typical. I suggested that sometime we try holding this panel after the Preliminary Business Meeting.

I remembered to have a food bar mid-afternoon so I wouldn't get faint before the Opening Ceremonies.

My part of the Opening Ceremonies (run across stage, wave for gophers to bring seats on stage) went smoothly, and indeed the entire OC came together quite well, "All right on the night," as the saying goes.

Now I'm off to the Mark Protection Committee meeting in the Sheraton. Sometime around the end of this meeting we should be finalizing the WSFS Business Meeting agenda, and either I or Pat McMurray -- who may be landing at Denver International as I compose this -- can hand it over to Gary Blog of Denvention, who will arrange for printing for tomorrow's Business Meeting.

Then Lisa and I must get dinner, by which time I'll really need it!
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