Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wednesday Night at Denvention

After I got back from the WSFS Mark Protection Committee meeting, Lisa and I went out and had dinner at the Little Italy restaurant -- thank goodness we only made half-orders; those were more than big enough -- Lisa and I went back to the room. We could easily have holed up in here for the rest of the evening because we have some Business Meeting work to do, but we felt we should make an appearance at the parties if possible.

Lisa needed to clear off her memory sticks to my computer so she can record the Business Meetings. She doesn't want to dump them to her machine because it only has a USB 1.1 connection and it would take forever. But it's not enough to put them just on my hard drive; she wanted a data DVD additional copy of the date before she would risk wiping the memory keys. Even at the faster speed, it took a while. I finally got to the point where it was suggesting that it would take 20 minutes to finish a copy, so we headed over to the Sheraton.

We certainly didn't hit all of the parties. In fact, the only ones in which we set foot were the Seattle and Reno in 2011 parties, which faced each other across a hallway. Both had excellent decor. Having just eaten, we didn't sample any of the food and drink. I found myself roped into a smoffing session that lasted at least and hour. I was grateful that Lisa also found people with which she had interesting conversations.

Just before midnight, we finally tore ourselves away and we worked our way back to the Crowne Plaza. The rain that fell this afternoon and evening had stopped. Then it was back up to the room, where I have one more data DVD to cut before I can rest. And tomorrow is the Preliminary Business Meeting, which starts at 10 AM, meaning I reckon we should be out of the room just after 9 AM to be sure of being there early for set-up purposes.
Tags: lisa, worldcon, wsfs

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