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Technical Two-Step

Our show has been moved to Tower Court C, which fortunately is on the same level as the Ballroom. I've been told to use some of our fliers (on approved surfaces) to redirect people from the Ballroom over to Tower Court C, and also to encourage people queued for the elevators to walk up one flight to the Ballroom level rather than sending everyone straight upstairs. Tonight being the Masquerade, which should be letting out about the time we start our show, counter-programming like this is intended to try and reduce the "pulse" of people all trying to get upstairs at once. Given the small size of our new room, I have this vision of 500 people trying to attend and gag. But hey, I reckon if it gets full, people will simply balk.

After a bit of confusion, the Tech Team have let me know that there is a mixer board over there along with some microphones. Because there's a panel in the 8:30-9:30 slot before us but not the 7:00-8:00 slot before that, we're going to go over to the Sheraton in a few minutes to see how our equipment interacts with what they have. The good thing here is that we can set this up relatively at our leisure without having an impatient person with lots of other things needing done hovering over us. The bad thing is that we'll have to haul stuff back and forth a couple of times, as I'm a bit leery of storing stuff over there unless I can find a secure place for it.

After we've confirmed the tech setup, it's back to the Crowne Plaza where I will get cleaned up and into my suit, then back to the Sheraton for the show itself.
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