Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hugo Awards Night

I've been away from an internet connection most of Sunday, and much of the time I've been at a computer I've been making data DVDs of the recordings of the Business Meeting to give to Pat McMurray so he has them for reference in preparing the WSFS minutes. It took five DVDs to hold all of the data files. Much editing will be necessary, I think, before we can produce a usable DVD of the Business Meeting.

The Site Selection Business Meeting was uneventful, and there was no significant business, just a lot of reports. There was a bit of site selection news, as Zagreb has announced a bid for 2013.

I spent several hours behind the SJ2011 Westercon table, where I've been surprised how much business we've done. Some folks have asked if we'll have a table at next year's Worldcon. Probably not, I've answered. We (and Tempe, next year's Westercon) have tables here at Denver because Denver is "Where the West Begins."

In the early evening, I went over to Little Italy again for dinner with Lisa, but she decided she was much too tired to go to the Hugo Awards ceremony, so after dinner I changed into my suit and hoofed it on over to the Wells Fargo Theatre at the Convention Center, joining kproche and bovil on the walk and subsequently finding good seats (row 7, front and center) between them and the Pettingers.

The Hugo Ceremony was well-run, starting only a couple of minutes late and running almost exactly two hours. After the ceremony, I joined the scrum of photographers trying to take pictures of the winners and acceptors. This photo event was very badly handled. There did not appear to be anyone managing it. I don't think taking the photo on stage after the event is a good idea anyway. The backdrop and lighting are both wrong. And besides, with nobody managing it, you can't get a photo of everyone facing the same direction. We did it better at Glasgow, even though it takes more work to do it the way we did, with a specially-set photo area and someone walking behind the photographers with a stick and telling the Hugo winners "watch the stick." This gets everyone facing the same way, so photographers in that area can get a straight shot. The wrangler then moves on to the next section of photographers and repeats this process. But putting people on the stage without supervision is the easy way out, so most people do it.

Cheryl was live-blogging the ceremony, and she posted The Hugo Awards results only minutes after the ceremony ended, for which she and I were very pleased. I had a minor part in it, as she waved me over to proofread it before she put the results live.

I also shot some video of some of the Hugo Award presentations before the batteries gave out on the camera; however, most of the shots are hard to keep in focus because the camera kept wanting to try and focus on the people sitting a couple of rows ahead of me rather than on stage. There must be a way to disable the auto-focus, but I can't find it.
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