Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Revised Travel Plans

After discussing it with Lisa, we agreed that we need to stretch out our travel plans a bit and insert a shorter segment (and thus more hotel time) at a particularly point. Therefore, the new plan is:

August 11: Drive to Leadville CO, with stop at Georgetown Loop Railroad this afternoon.

August 12: Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad. Stay second night in Leadville.

August 13: Short drive to Grand Junction CO.

August 14: Drive to Wendover NV.

August 15: Drive to Reno NV

August 16: Land exploration in Western Nevada. Second night in Reno.

August 17: Drive to Sutter; Lisa heads north; I return to Bay Area

This means we skip the WPRR Museum, but we're more likely to be able to go see that, and we simply must stop more often or we'll be so run-down that we'll do stupid things like fall asleep at the wheel. I have no desire to be another convention-travel tragedy.

We're busily packing the rest of the room, so I'll be shutting down soon and getting going. I hope the extra time we spent this morning reworking travel plans, calling hotels and such won't delay us so badly that we miss the train ride at Georgetown Loop.
Tags: lisa, travel
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