Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Up and At 'Em

The Alps Motel here in Leadville is a nice little place, and I'd certainly consider staying here again should I ever come through the area; however, it has a 10 AM check-out and a rather strongly-worded statement that implies that it will cost another day if we're even one minute late checking out, so it seems prudent to take no chances. Rather than lazing around the room and then rushing to leave, I'm shutting down the computer now and getting moving on cleaning up and moving out -- not a simple task as many of my shirts are still hanging in the closet where Lisa put them because they were still slightly damp from the laundry last night.

Next stop after we leave Leadville: Grand Junction, Colorado. Because that's a relatively short leg, we have time to look at things today, but not too much time, as I'd really like to get to bed early tonight, and besides, Lisa has some computer work for me to do that I suspect will take longer than expected.
Tags: lisa, travel

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