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On The Road

Some places you go are once-in-a-lifetime experiences; however, that is not always a compliment. The Nugget hotel in Wendover (no relationship to John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks) is one of the uncomplimentary ones. The rooms were not actively awful, but they had no internet connection (paid or otherwise), you couldn't cool them down sufficiently, there was no stopper for the oversized bathtub, and it was generally not a place I see any reason to ever stay again. The music in the casino floor and hotel lobby was so loud that if it wasn't already after the non-refundable 6 PM deadline when we arrived, Lisa would have had us drive another two hours to Elko and stay at the Holiday Inn Express there. Indeed, had I realized what remarkably good time we were going to make yesterday, I probably would have planned to do that anyway.

The food wasn't very good either. We had dinner and breakfast at the buffet across the street from the Nugget, at the Montego Bay, and in both cases I think I would have had better food and cheaper from a Hometown Buffet. What a waste.

This morning, we got away relatively early, aided by gaining an hour five miles west of Wendover when we re-entered the Pacific Time Zone -- Wendover keeps Utah time, presumably because most of their customer base is people coming over from the Salt Lake City area to gamble. We stopped at Wells, despite our tire-related distaste for the place, because there's a gas war going on there and we could get fuel for $3.779/gallon -- the cheapest fuel we've purchased on the entire trip so far. We refuled in Green River yesterday just before leaving, and it took just short of 25 gallons, so the savings compared to the stations just a short distance either way up or down the freeway was considerable.

Anyway, we stopped again in Elko at the Red Lion Casino because we could use the restrooms here and I wanted a coffee, and found that they had a couple of free computer terminals, so Lisa said I could check in briefly. In a few minutes, we're back on I-80 westward, pushing for Reno tonight. I don't know if Circus Circus has internet connections or not, so once again I may be only erratically in contact until Sunday evening.

Trains spotted so far today: 4 Wildlife: various birds
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