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WSFS Documents Posted

Results from this year's WSFS Business Meeting are now available from the Denvention 3 Executive Division documents site.

This includes the new versions of the WSFS Constitution and Standing Rules as of the end of Denvention 3 and the draft Agenda for the 2009 WSFS Business Meeting. The 2009 Agenda includes the exact wording of the new constitutional amendments that passed at Denvention 3 and are being sent to Anticipation for ratification:

  • Marking Peter Weston's Contribution: Acknowledges Peter Weston's version of the Hugo Award rocket as definitive

  • One Fewer Award: Removes the Best Semiprozine Hugo Award, and modifies the definition of Best Fanzine so that most works that formerly qualified as Best Semiprozine are not eligible for Best Fanzine.

  • Making the Web Eligible: Clarifies the eligibility of works published in electronic or other non-print forms; Changes Best Related Book to Best Related Work and provides guidance for how to treat electronic and other non-print works in categories that previously were interpreted as to exclude such works.

  • Best Graphic Story: Adds a new Hugo Award category for Best Graphic Story

Note that while these documents are official, they are subject to revision and correction. (For instance, I've already seen a typo or two. We wanted to get them published quickly due to the interest in the results and the apparent controversy over certain amendments that have received first passage.)

Remember that none of the proposed changes that received first passage have been ratified. These adopted amendments must be ratified at Anticipation before they take effect.
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