Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Nearly 3,000 Miles Later...

I am home, finally, about twenty minutes ago. Lisa and I got to my grandfather's house a little after 5 PM, and after spending a while trying to extricate all of her stuff from my van into hers, she headed off sometime after 7 PM. I left maybe twenty minutes later. While heading out to the highway, I saw her coming back. She'd stopped at the gas station out on the highway to refuel and decided to come back because she hadn't seen me leaving. Nothing was wrong, and she and I finally went separate directions around 7:30.

The backlog of e-mail is immense. Before I can really tackle it, I must get my primary computer running again. It may be many days before I can say I'm really caught up. I have my one working computer pulling files off the doesn't-want-to-boot drive and feeding it into one of the backup devices. The drive is readable, but won't boot. Maybe I can get it working tomorrow morning, but in the meantime I want to save the files somewhere.
Tags: lisa, travel, worldcon

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