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Chasing a Hard Drive

As I mentioned on Monday, the hard drive on Lisa's laptop appears to have failed. This is not a crisis, because the only thing lost was the latest game scenario on which she was working: everything else was backed up and can be reinstalled with only moderate hassle, we think. Dell said they'd send me a new hard drive, but getting that replacement drive is turning out to be more work than I expected.

On Wednesday, I wondered how long it would take and checked the service order. Dell said they'd shipped it Monday and that I should have received it already. I checked the DHL tracking number, and all it told me was that the package had been "scheduled for delivery" on Tuesday, with no further detail. I called DHL -- they have more detail available on their internal system -- and they said "driver issues" and read me back the address. Turns out Dell hadn't given them the apartment number. Figuring that was the problem, I gave them the apartment number, and they said it should be there the next day.

Two days go by without a delivery. Wednesday night the DHL tracking site said "scheduled for delivery" again, but Thursday had no update at all, and on Friday night, after the package once more coming up with "scheduled for delivery." I called DHL again, and they couldn't figure out what was gumming up the works. As DHL's terminal in this area is in Fremont -- albeit at the opposite end of town from me, down by Mission Blvd. -- I asked if they were open on Saturday and could I just pick it up. The telephone agent said that was allowed, and this morning, I got two phone calls from the local terminal to tell me that they'd found my package and I can come collect it before 1:30 PM today.

I'm not sure I'll ever learn why the package was not delivered this week. It's not that the replacement drive was critical -- I can install the drive on Lisa's the computer at my leisure anytime before I head up to Oregon on the 22nd -- but it could have been critical (if it had been the drive on my laptop, for instance), and I don't like normally reliable shipping solutions breaking down on me.

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