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Ah, Summer in the Park

It's a real shame that I didn't get to use more of the Giants tickets that I bought, for the seats are excellent -- one row short of the front row of section 135, which is the section just outside the left field foul pole. A ball hit into the corner today was right in front of us and you could stand up and be right on top of the play.

It was warm and sunny today, with a light breeze. I'm glad I'd put on lots of sunscreen before we went up to the city, and therefore escaped more than a light toasting.

It was a pretty good game, close all the way, and the Giants beat the Padres 4-3, with Barry Zito actually looking like the pitcher they pay him all that money to be. He pitched eight innings, got the win, and even managed to slap a ball over the second baseman's head and drive in a run. Brian Wilson came into the ninth and -- for a change -- didn't give us all heart failure as he closed out the game 1-2-3.

At the 7th Inning Stretch, Lou Seal drove around the field tossing packages of Cracker Jack into the stands. Just before turning in to the tunnel in left field, he threw one my way. I had one hand on it, but it was a hand of stone, and the bag bounced away where someone else grabbed it. Oh, well, I probably shouldn't have eaten Cracker Jack anyway.

Speaking of things I shouldn't eat, under the left field stands, I found a vendor selling what they called New England Fried Dough Pastry and what I call an Elephant Ear, or at least a close approximation of same. I got the cinnamon-covered one and shared some of it with Cheryl. Fortunately, I had a nice normal blood sugar reading this morning, and we did walk from the ball park back to Embarcadero BART after the game, so I should be okay.

The only fly in my ointment is that I've been dizzy with fatigue all day long. It's an early bedtime for me tonight, I think, and thank goodness I don't have to get up early tomorrow. I have the recorder set to record the F1 race, which goes off at 4 AM or something like that my time. I'll get up when I feel like it, for the first time in three weeks.
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