Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Stage Management, Ho

I tuned in the Democratic National Convention this afternoon just as it came to order. The Chairman seemed apologetic that he had to put a routine procedural motion (to accept all nominating petitions) before the members, interrupting the non-stop stream of speeches and infomercials. I came back for the bread and butter of the convention: the actual roll call of the states. Of course the outcome was known, but I like the roll call, with all the states and other political subdivisions taking their minute or two to get around to actually casting their votes.

Illinois passed, but I expected that, because I anticipated that they'd come back to them just before Obama was to get his majority of votes, so that his home state could put him over the top.

We had reached New Mexico (was that Brad Lyau in the frame as they were delivering their build-up speech?) when I was surprised to hear them yield to Illinois, who then yielded to New York. It was too soon. Obama didn't have the majority yet. What was up?

Hillary Clinton then moved to suspend the rules and nominate Obama by acclamation. That motion was put, and without so much as a pause to even allow the "no" voters to sing out and not be counted, declared passed. So all of the states after New Mexico didn't even get to stand up and be counted. Sheesh. I guess hitting the convention schedule of speeches and more infomercials was more important than letting all of the states have their say.

It boggles me that the political parties think that they're improving the process by squeezing all of the juice out of it.
Tags: politics
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