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The Bad Part is that I've Had Too Much Experience

This was the second hard drive we've had to replace on Lisa's computer. Each time I do it, it gets easier, although it continues to be time consuming. What I think helped this time was that Dell didn't even attempt to re-image the drive -- they sent me an unformatted 60GB hard drive, and left it in my hands. Fortunately, the Windows XP Pro installation process seemed to work reasonably well, although it took an hour or so.

Then I had to download all of the current updates for Windows, and reinstall the couple of game programs Lisa plays, and make sure the one networked game (Locomotion) could still see my computer over the network. Strangely (and this was the case before), my computer can act as a host for networked games, but hers cannot. I'm not sure why. I also have not yet figured out what levers to trip to allow her computer to see the Shared Documents folder on my computer. Not that it is that important right now, but I like to have such things neat and tidy, and it would make it easier to copy large files from one machine to the other if necessary in the future.

Otherwise, I'm trying to take things easy this weekend. There have been a bunch of errands that needed doing, but they're routine. I could have done them all yesterday and avoided having to go out again today, but realized that I'd forgotten what exact model printer I had -- I need more ink in all four cartridges, which I think will cost more than the printer did. After the last couple of months of every-weekend travel, two weekends of peace and quiet are quite welcome.

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