Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Maybe Two San Jose Giants Tickets

Holiday Inn was running a "stay eight nights, get two MLB tickets" promotion this summer, and, thanks to Cheryl letting me make the reservation for her and gigica's hotel room at D3, I earned enough room nights to qualify. Yesterday I got a letter from Priority Club explaining the actual mechanics: a $40 gift card. Hm, that's a little misleading, at least with the price of Giants tickets. You can only use the card for online purchases, not at the gate. There's a $7.50/ticket "convenience fee" (ha!) and a $2.50 charge for printing the tickets at home. The least expensive tickets I could find were $17 each for the center field bleachers. Even if we'd bought those cheapest seats, it still would have cost more than $40 for two tickets. We ended up buying a couple of lower box seats and paying $55 after applying the value of the $40 card. As it happens, it looks like the seats are in the same row (albeit five seats to the left) as the season tickets I got to use once.
Tags: baseball, cheryl

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