Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Here's to 6 PM Starts

Tonight's Giants game was an early evening 6 PM start. We only got there a half-hour before the game, because we were both tired this afternoon -- Cheryl took a nap and I think the only thing that kept me from doing so was knowing that if I did, we'd miss the game -- and so we missed all of the excitement about the unveiling of the new Orlando Cepeda statue and the Bengie Molina bobbleheads. (They did tell us that we might still have been able to score bobbleheads if we walked around to the Willie Mays gate, but we passed and went without.

As I mentioned earlier, these seats were nearly in the same place as the last game we attended. But instead of baking in the sun, we enjoyed an evening of perfect weather, and an exciting ball game.

We were of course pleased that the Giants won, 7-6. Scott McClain, described by Giants Broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper as "the real life 'Crash' Davis [from the movie Bull Durham]," hit his second MLB home run and first at AT&T Park Emperor Norton Field. McClain is a great story -- he's been knocking around the high minors since 1992, with 362 home runs (including time in Japan), and has finally got his chance for more than a "cup of coffee" in the majors. He became "the oldest position player in 53 years to hit his first Major League home run" on September 3 at Coors Field, and got his second tonight. And speaking of home runs, Nate Schierholtz hit his first career homer tonight. And that wasn't the only Giant go go out of the yard, as veteran Rich Aurelia started off the scoring in the fourth inning with a shot into the left field bleachers.

As is our wont, we walked both ways between Embarcadero and the ball park, which helped work off the garlic fries and other ballpark food. In the late innings, Cheryl bought us a couple of hot chocolates, which were welcome, but not the utter survival necessities they'd been when we went to a game at the Frozen Confines of Wrigley Field early this season.

Because the game started so early, we got home only slightly after 11 PM, even including a stop to pick up some groceries we'd forgotten earlier today.

That's our last baseball game for this season. Our thanks to Holiday Inn for the (in effect) 40% off voucher.
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