Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Good Food, Good Music

Cheryl reported on our activity last night, so I don't need to do so in any detail. The restaurant was quite nice and reasonably priced, but we were the only customers in there for the last half-hour, and it was pretty quiet before that. Comes from being off the beaten path slightly and it being a relatively slow time of year, I reckon. "Quiet," however, doesn't describe Bourbon Street, and we enjoyed "European Jazz." During the band's set, the clarinetist from Maison Bourbon showed up and sat in for two numbers. I got the impression that during the break from a set down the street, he decided to go a couple of blocks down the street and play some more. He's good.

I feel a bit guilty for fading out just before midnight. Getting old, I guess. Used to stay up all night without a problem, but nowadays I need more sleep. It was nice not having to set an alarm, nor worry about the hours on the included breakfast -- generous as they are relative to most Holiday Inn Express location -- because finding someplace for food around here isn't a challenge. And, oddly enough, my morning blood sugar reading was slightly lower than it has been of late. I suppose it partially comes from walking more than 9300 steps yesterday.

It's still pretty windy out there this morning, but it looks like the worst of the fringes-of-the-hurricane weather may have passed. What we'll do today, we haven't quite decided yet, but I'm sure we'll find something interesting.
Tags: cheryl, travel

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