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Streetcar Day

Today's weather forecast being for a lower chance of rain than tomorrow, we decided that today would be our day for riding New Orleans' streetcars. But first, a light breakfast of beignets and coffee, not at Cafe du Monde, but at Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street, which is much closer to our hotel. They do their beignets a little differently than those at Cafe du Monde, and have more coffee options, too.

On the way back from breakfast, we stopped at Walgreen's and bought a few small items and dealt with my cash crunch. Unfortunately, they have a $40 cash limit, but at least we have enough cash in hand for now. (Later in the day, we happened across a Whole Foods Market, where I expect we could have taken a larger cash back had we wanted to buy something. Oh, well, no big deal.)

My hotel's front desk doesn't sell the one- and three-day passes, and sent us to the Sheraton, which was out of them and sent us to a little market on Royal Street, where we bought a couple of $5 one-day passes (break-even after your fourth ride) and headed over to the first stop on St. Charles Street.

We rode out along the lovely St. Charles Street line, admiring the scenery, to the end of the line on Carrollton, then back as far as Broadway, where we walked down to Magazine Street and walked part-way back through what is described in one of the guide books as a "six-mile-long shopping district." We didn't walk the entire six miles, turning back at Jefferson to St. Charles and riding back to the stop in front of our hotel.

One thing we did buy when we happened upon a Radio Shack was an S-Video-to-RCA cable that I've been meaning to get for use while traveling. (I have the converter box and home, but more and more hotels have RCA connectors on the sets, and this should give me a chance to watch downloaded rugby matches while traveling.) Popping up to the room briefly, I set a match to downloading. As soon as I finish posting this, Cheryl and I are heading for Mother's for lunch, after which we will head for the streetcar line that wasn't here the last time I was -- the rebuilt Canal Street line.
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