Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Remember That the Hotel and Airfare Were Free

...which is why I don't feel anywhere near as bad about spending nearly $150 (after tip) for dinner tonight at Arnaud's just off Bourbon Street. I enjoyed every bit of this meal (ordered from the a la carte menu from the appetizers (Shrimp Arnaud and Alligator Sausage with Cajun mustard) to the main course (I had the Crawfish O'Connor; she had the Petit Fillet Lafitte) and side dishes (I shared Cheryl's Sauteed Wild Mushrooms), to the dessert (not shown on the PDF; I had crepes with pecan cream cheese and a praline caramel topping), this was a wonderful meal. Again, it's not something I'd do regularly, but as a special experience, it was first-rate, and I highly recommend it. (Cheryl has also written about this evening, and I recommend reading her report as well.)

It continues to be slow times in the Big Easy. We'd made reservations, but they weren't really necessary, and we arrived 45 minutes early and were seated in a mostly empty dining room. And I was assured that a collared dress shirt (like I wear for work) was sufficient and that gentlemen are no longer required to wear jackets. (I brought one, but it's so warm here that I'd prefer not to have to wear it.) After dinner, we made one "lap" of Bourbon Street's Sin District, listened to a little lightweight jazz, and decided to make a relatively early night of it. Yes, I know it's Saturday night, but I'm (surprisingly) sunburned and walked over 12,000 steps today. Speaking of which, I expected a disaster on the blood sugar after eating that sugar bomb after dinner, but apparently the walking did me good, and I had a reading of only 118, well within the normal range.

We tried out the s-video to RCA connector this evening. The good news is that it worked. The bad news is that the wireless connection here just isn't up to the task of downloading the rugby matches (I set a job up to run while we were out this afternoon and it failed) or streaming it. Oh, well, not all internet connections can be fast ones.
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