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Seafood-Stuffed Kevin

This morning we were in no hurry at all to get up. Just after noon, we made our way to the Court of the Two Sisters for their jazz brunch. This was a nice buffet-style brunch, and certainly worth the $28. It was good, not great. But the past few days, we've been spoiled for great food. It might be better to have started with good places and worked our way up to great ones. I had two different omelets; on my second trip, the cook said, "Back again?" I said, "I have low cholesterol; I can have all the eggs I want."

Somewhat to my surprise, despite a huge breakfast, topped off by a slice of pecan pie, my blood sugar an hour later (after an hour walking around the French Quarter with Cheryl photographing things in the better light) was a reasonably 123.
Tags: cheryl, diabetes, food, travel

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