Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SF in SF

I went up to the SF in SF reading tonight to listen to nihilistic_kid and davidlevine read short stories and talk about them. As with the last time I went up there, Raven O'Neill showed up for the reading, looking pretty as usual. I had my camera with me at Cheryl's request, to take pictures of the participants in the reading, so I also took pictures of Raven, posing with some of the more interesting characters present at the reading.

After the reading, Raven and I walked up toward Union Square, had a late dinner, and talked about our various travels. She said she plans to be at SiliCon. Then we walked back down toward the Powell Street BART station, where I bade her good night at the Borders store on Union Square and made my way back home via BART.
Tags: sf in sf

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